Meet the team

Your Hosts
at Markham

Jake Hajer

Tasting Room Manager

Jake is a lover of wine, culture and sweater vests. There is no better host than an expert of all things wine, who also happens to be a painter, poet and chef, to boot. As the previous owner of a Champagne & French Fry Bar, Jake knows a thing or two about living life to the fullest and so does his team. They will warmly welcome you and delight your senses with wine, stories and a generous pour of warmth and passion.

Greg Strange

Wine Club Manager

Greg is one part wine geek and one part hospitality expert, making him an excellent caretaker and guide for our extended Markham family. He is your wine club membership guru and guide. His motto is “keep it flexible”, which means he’ll do his best to get you the wines you want, when you want them. Greg also is a treasure trove of knowledge about our heritage and wines. Don’t be afraid to quiz him, you won’t be disappointed.

Dena Chiappulinni

Events Manager

Dena is our boot-wearing event wizard. Her creativity, organizational skills and easy spirit have earned her a we-couldn’t-have-done-it-without-her reputation from past event guests. With grace and style, she’ll guide you through designing a memorable experience in one of our historic winery settings. Be forewarned: after working with Dena, there’s a very likely chance your guests will request you make your event a tradition.

Winemaking & Vineyards

Kimberlee Nicholls


“It’s so invigorating to be in Napa Valley or at this beautiful winery. When it smells like harvest, you can smell the grapes, it’s alive and it’s fantastic. It’s a fantastic job.”

Kim is a chemist full of energy and life, with a long history in Napa and a deep love of Merlot. As one of the first female winemakers in the Napa Valley, she is highly respected in the area. With three decades of experience under her belt, we are thrilled and humbled to have her on our team. Her food-friendly winemaking style is fueled by a love of cooking and the connective ritual of pairing lovingly prepared food with artfully made wines. Kim is an integral part of Markham’s story and has greatly contributed to our countless accolades and enduring place as one of Napa Valley’s great wineries.

Tyler Kirby

Assistant Winemaker

Tyler has surrounded himself by grapevines his entire life and has no intention of changing that any time soon. He has a sense of humor as sharp as his palate. He joined the Markham team as an enologist, working his way up to Assistant Winemaker, and his love of bright, food-friendly wines couples with a strong work ethic to make him a perfect match for our winemaking team. He is eager to learn and we cannot wait to see how he helps shape our wines as his experience grows.

Robert Diaz

Cellar Master

Robert’s passion manifests in a serious tone peppered with infectious laughter. He prefers to let his work speak for him and his incredible dedication is clear in his immaculate cellar and intricate understanding of cellar techniques and style choice. His refined palate, can-do attitude and innovative thinking add immense value to our winemaking team.

Danielle Noce


Danielle brings broad perspective — gained through traveling the world working harvests — and a spirit of adventure to our winemaking team. Her infectious enthusiasm for wine and sustainability carry through into the weekends where she can be found with a glass of wine in hand, exploring California’s diverse landscapes.

Adrienne Uboldi

Vineyard & Sustainability Manager

“The most rewarding part of what I do is being able to see the full growing season from pruning to bud break through harvest.”

Adrienne is a lover of nature, science and soil so it’s no surprise she spends her days furthering the sustainability efforts in our estate vineyards. A self-proclaimed outdoorsy nerd, she walks the vineyards listening to podcasts and studying spreadsheets of the latest soil results. Her sustainability-centered vineyard management approach is invaluable to the health of our employees, land and fruit.

Behind the Scenes

Kate Mcmanus

VP of Marketing

Kate loves her people as much as her P&Ls and has a passion for vineyard views and sunsets over the Mayacamas. With a quarter century experience under her belt in the wine business, this Gen X’er believes that life is better lived with a glass of wine in your hand, preferably a glass of Markham, surrounded by cherished friends and family.

Kim Moore

Marketing Director

Kim is our wine temptress, connecting great wines with great people. A family boat in her youth named ‘Chardonnay’ may or may not have influenced her career path but her love of wine and food — most specifically cheese — have kept her engaged. With creativity and enthusiasm, she invites you to fall in love with the world of Markham. 

Brigid Harris

Director of Winery Marketing & Sales

Brigid came to Markham after working for The Walt Disney Company and brought with her the “happiest place on earth” magic that she has woven into our culture. She revels in crafting memorable moments infused with joy for our guests and club members, from in-person and virtual tastings to the unboxing of our wine club shipments. She leads by example with warmth and vibrancy that radiates throughout the Markham team and experiences.