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The Dog Days of Markham Vineyards

The Dog Days of Summer are those where the sun hangs heavy in the sky and the heat of the season begs for a cool breeze, a chilled glass of wine, and a spot in the shade.
Small black dog with fuzzy ears and brown snout and eyebrows sitting in the vineyard, looking happy.

Around here, if there’s one thing we love as much as enjoying wine while soaking up the summertime sun, it’s dogs—put them together and we’re all in!

Wine Tasting

Referred to as man’s best friend for as long as we’ve known, it seems only right to have your best bud accompany you for a wine tasting. At Markham, guests are welcome (strongly encouraged) to bring along their leashed pups. Our shaded outdoor terraces provide a welcome oasis for your group with plenty of space to stretch out and stay awhile. We’ll pour up our finest wine (and freshest bowls of water) and the afternoon is yours to enjoy. 

Our Explore a Taste of Napa experience allows you to explore the unique tastes of the Napa Valley through four of our limited production and Estate Wines, while the Sip & Chips Tasting puts a fun twist on the traditional wine and cheese pairing—tasty potato chip flavors paired with a curated selection of Markham wines. We don’t know your dog yet, but we think they may opt for the tasting that comes with a potential dropped treat! Book your next visit here, and if you’re looking to make a day of it, check out the full list of dog-friendly wineries from our friends at Visit Napa Valley 

Team (Bark)ham

Beyond our tasting room visitors, our team has quite a few dogs of their own. These Markham mutts cover the whole spectrum of pooches from pugs to rottweilers and just about everything in between! But something they do have in common is fantastic taste in wine and even better parents. Meet some of our favorite pups:

Greg & Molly

Wine club manager Greg and his supermodel pug Molly are Markham’s dynamic duo–taking names and taking care of our Markham Merit Society members one day at a time. She often reaches for the Estate Merlot, especially when there’s peanut butter involved 😉

Sophia & Eddie

Sophia, our charismatic Wine Guide, brings with her the equally charismatic Eddie, a sweet pup with a heart of gold (and apparently an Instagram fanbase). Next time Sophia hosts you for a tasting, be sure to ask about Eddie and the rest of her canine gang!

Patricia & Magnum

New to the Markham Vineyards team, we’re excited to introduce you to Patricia, our Enologist! While she’s an equal part cat and dog lover, Magnum the Rottweiler would prefer to remain the family favorite. 

Your Dog of Markham Photo Contest

We had so much fun getting to know your precious pups through our Dog Days of Summer photo contest! These Markham-loving dogs brought their best looks for a chance to win big. We look forward to hosting future photo contests and getting to know our favorite customers a little bit better!