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Little Cannon

Vineyard Notes

  • 100% Estate Grown: Little Cannon Vineyard
  • Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley
  • 100% NAPA GREEN LAND & GREEN WINERY certified
  • Clonal Selection: 3 & 181
  • Harvest date: 9/24/18


Cooled by the bay, Merlot ripens slowly at this Oak Knoll District vineyard site, developing complex, layered and distinctive cherry fruit character.


Harvest Notes

  • Verasion was three weeks late, followed by a temperate summer
  • This vintage was preordained in Spring of 2016 when the vines set their 2018 crop load, storing away nutrients to produce higher than normal yields
  • Care was taken to fine tune crop load to maximize fruit intensity
  • After brief rains, fall heat ushered in harvest