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Trubody Vineyards

Vineyard Notes

  • 100% NAPA GREEN LAND & WINERY Certified
  • 100% Estate Grown (Trubody 70%, Little Cannon 30%)
  • Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley
  • Clone 1 (SB) & Sauvignon Musque
  • Harvested September 17 – 28, 2018
  • 24.4°Brix at Harvest


First time I tasted Sauvignon Musque, I was in a vineyard owned by our founder, Jean Laurent’s, grandson. We immediately planted it on our own estate to provide a distinctive honeysuckle character to our blends.


Harvest Notes

  • The 2018 vintage was textbook “normal”, but this vintage was preordained.
  • Grape vines set their crop in the record rainfall of Spring 2016, much like fruit trees.
  • Vines stored away nutrients to produce heavy yields in all varietals.
  • Care was taken to fine tune crop loads to maintain intensity in the fruit.
  • Veraison was three weeks behind schedule, followed by a cool summer.
  • After brief rains, Fall heat ushered in harvest.